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My name is Sergey Sorokin. I'm a private guide and offer private tours and excursions (sightseeing, hiking, climbing and mountain biking). My most popular Excursions & tours 2016-2017

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I'm certified mountain guide and professional sightseeing excursions guide. Here is info about me and feedback from my clients:
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All about Crimea:

Crimean peninsula is a small mountainous country ... as Catherine the Great said, "that is the MAIN PEARL in the crown of Russian Empire". That's it.

Here is basic information about Crimea. To understand the area, see a map of Crimea and see beautiful pictures of Crimea. Crimea weather forecast shows Crimean map with the weather banners, explaining what kind of weather we going to have.

Touring the Crimea:

Sightseeing: Rich history of Crimea attracts tourists on sightseeing excursions: Royal Palaces in Yalta (Livadia Palace, Massandra Palace etc.). Medieval fortresses in Sudak, Feodosia... World War II, Cold War and Crimean War (Nuclear Submarine Base in Balaklava, Panorama Museum in Sevastopol, "Valley of Death" in Balaklava, Diorama and 35-th Battery in Sevastopol etc.). Cave monasteries (Inkerman, Bakhchisaray etc.) and Cave towns (Chufut-Kale, Mangup-Kale, Eski-Kermen etc.).

Outdoor activities: excellent paths for hiking and mountain biking. Equipped (bolted) routes for climbing and multi-pitch climbing. Hills and mountains for paragliding. On the top of mountain plateaus a lot of (vertical) caves for the cave explorers...

I know what you need, do not hesitate to book your intelligent and caring private guide!

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