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Marble caves & Chatyr-Dag mountain

We visit commercial show cave, wild natural caves and walk along the mountain plateau

Easy hiking tour with private guide Sergey Sorokin

Time: 7-9 h.
Difficulty: Easy.
Cost: 11 th. rubles total. Included my service and vehicle. Entrance tickets and lunch are extra.
Season: All Year!!! In winter, if it is not too snowy
Where it starts from: From a place where you stay in Yalta. In the end we go back to this place.
Details of tour: The main highlight of this tour, that in addition to commercial show cave (Marble caves) we will also walk along the mountain plateau, see vertical caves, including famous Bottomless Well. And visit one or two natural wild caves (that is with our own headlamps). On foot is only 3-5 km. Almost no ascents and descents. One of my most interesting and popular easy hiking tour!

Contact me to book a tour or ask any question.

Pictures from a private tour to Marble caves:

Commercial show cave

Commercial show cave

Mountain plateau of Chatyr-Dag mountain

Chatyr-Dag mountain plateau

Some nice painting in Suuk-Coba cave

Suuk Coba cave

Chatyr-Dag mountain

Walk along the plateau

Sergey Sorokin. Private tours in Crimea 2022