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Yalta. Sea front promenade

Yalta & Big Yalta area

Hotels in Yalta

Most of Yalta hotels have good location, since the strip of land between the mountains and the sea is quite narrow. If one is keen on a room with the sea view, one has to consider...

Sevastopol. Sea front promenade

Sevastopol & Balaklava

Hotels in Sevastopol & Balaklava

In fact Sevastopol consists of numerous settlements sprawling around the bays. The central part of the city is located within the quadrangle limited by the Lenin Street, Prospect Nakhimova and Bolshaya Morska Street, and probably the best hotels are located within that area...
Balaklava is the most remote suburb of Sevastopol. It is a nice town with the beautiful promenade.

Simferopol. The city center


Hotels in Simferopol

Sometimes tourists overestimate the importance of Simferopol. Certainly, the main airport and the train station are there. But one can easily pass it by, as the distances from the Crimean capital to the resort cities and towns are not too long. It takes 1 or 2 hours or sometimes 3 hours to get to the main attractions on the coasts.

Alushta, Crimea. Sea front promenade


Hotels in Alushta

Alushta is a well known resort city of the Crimea, Ukraine. It is located in the southern coast of the Crimea peninsula on the highway from Simferopol to Yalta. We offer three hotels in Alushta. All of them were constructed in late 1990s.

Sudak. Sea front promenade and beach


Hotels in Sudak

Most of Sudak hotels have good location, since the town is small and the distance towards the sea is not long. Most visitors arrive from Ukraine and Russia. Western tourists are rare. English is not widely spoken even at the hotels.

Feodosiya. Sea front promenade and city center


Hotels in Feodosiya

Feodosiya is a popular resort city. It has beaches, mineral springs, and mud baths, and is famous for its sanatoria and rest homes.

Bakhchisaray. View on Khan's Palace and old city


Hotels in Bakhchisaray

Today a tourist can find a few decent small hotels or bed and breakfast places in Bakhchisaray. The prices for accommodation are lower than, e.g., in Sevastopol or Yalta.

Kerch. Mithridates stair


hotels in Kerch

Tourism is not the forte of the city of Kerch, because of the former Soviet industrial concept. In a way, this is an advantage, as hotels are cheap. Yet, the situation changes.

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