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Rock climbing & multipitch in Crimea with a private guide

Climbing in Crimea for beginners and advanced climbers

Crimea is amzing place for rock climbing. There are plenty of sites all equipped with bolts. There also plenty of routes for climbing multipitch. Both traditional (badly equipped) and very well equipped.

Rock climbing in Crimea

For beginners:

Safe start, all necessary gear. We will learn how to use rope and different climbing equipment, how to make a knot, how to climb, how to belay...

For advanced climbers:

We will try different climbing sites, you will have all necessary information of how to get, where to climb, etc. You need only your climbing shoes with you.

Rock climbing in Crimea


10 000 rubles. Time 6-10 h.
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Sergey Sorokin. Private tours in Crimea 2022