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Guided tour Sights of Yalta

Sights of Yalta with a private guide. Season 2022

Palaces of Yalta with private guide Sergey Sorokin

Time: 8-9 hours.
Cost: 11 000 rubles total. Included my service and vehicle. Entrance tickets and lunch are extra.
Season: All Year!!!
Where it starts from: From a place where you stay in Yalta. In the end we go back to this place.
Details of tour: Livadia Palace → Massandra Palace → Vorontsov Palace in Alupka → Swallow's Nest Castle → St. Mikhail Church in Oreanda → Anton Chekhov house in Gurzuf. Lunch in a good place with a nice view

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Pictures from a guided tour to Yalta:

Livadia Palace. Yalta

Livadia Palace

Massandra Palace. Yalta

Massandra Palace

Swallow's Nest Castle. Yalta

Swallow's Nest Castle

Vorontsov Palace in Alupka

Alupka Palace

Sergey Sorokin. Private tours in Crimea 2022